No Kritter page would be complete
without crawling things like frogs, lizards, snakes, and even turtles.

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regal crowned green frog talking // pretty green frog dressed in tutu dancing

froggie playing horn (see above) // dancing froggie with tophat // froggie welcomes you
pretty green lizard // swimming turtle // strolling alligator // snake spells welcome (see below)

Now this following section features MOZILLA,
an alligator with an attitude!!

roping cowboy // magical genie // juggling balancing act // mountain climber
pogo stick progress // snake charmer charms tail
deep sea scuba diving // unicycling (see below)

lazy 'gator laying on a bar // 'gator getting a suntan
'gator in a tug-a-war // 'gator on water skis

To the best of my knowledge, none of these GIFs are copywrited.
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