God's Funny & Furry Kritters

No GIF page would be complete without having
some of the funny, furry creatures that God
has given us to enjoy their antics.

Now you will find short descriptions of each GIF (picture) available.
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koala bear bursting out of box // mouse writing on paper
teddy bear dancing and waving // pink bunny rabbit waving (see below)

cute mouse wiggling tail (see above) // mouse moving in exercise wheel // funny pink mouse
brown mouse walking to mousehole // white mouse escaping cat's paw
cute hamster standing up, turning

monkey swinging from bar // monkey covering eyes

happy kangaroo hopping // donkey kicking the air // pretty horse
deer outlined in black box // brown bambi laying down

koala bear climbing tree // bear changing colors // brown bear dancing and walking

white bat flying // scarey bats flying towards you // black bat hopping up and down (see below)

To the best of my knowledge, none of these GIFs are copywrited.
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