Although Smiley faces are NOT Kritters,
I thought folks would enjoy them!

Now you will find short descriptions of each GIF (picture) available.
Click on the description and you will go to the GIF.
When you find a GIF you want to copy, right click on the mouse
to copy and paste it to your file directory.
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BIGGGG smiley turns around // Chocolate Candy gives you a Smiley kiss
smiley becomes #1 Heart, (compliments of Gricci at AGAG.)
smiley nodding YES!! // smiley shaking NO!!

smiley has arrow in head (see above) // clown nose on this smiley
smiley wearing glasses // smiley wearing mask and hat // button with smiley and "OK" on it
a pirate smiley with eyepatch // purple smiley with rabbit teeth
smiley wearing sunglasses // upside down smiley face // green smiley making yucky face

a talking smiley face (see above) // this smiley changes expressions // large smiley face talks
he is blushing // smiley with bunny rabbit teeth // this big one made on computer keyboard
he makes a wierd face // a little bitty revolving smiley (see below)

To the best of my knowledge, none of these GIFs are copywrited.
If you happen to know one is, please email me and I will remove it.

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