1980 - 1989

And now the cycle continues!!
Someone must die when a baby is born!!
You watch your children grow up and you worry!!
Your parents grow older, and you worry!!
But life must go on, and it DOES!!!

Hair styles took a curve into FRO'S, BRAIDS, CORNROWS, WEAVES,
music was controlled by HEAVY METAL bands like
Def Leopard, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and the like,

clothing was dominated by the new stone-washed denims,
Country & Western music took a turn to New Nashville Rock,

Some of the highlights of this decade are:
1981....Aids Virus Identified,
1984....The World's Fair in New Orleans, LA
1987....Oliver North and the Iran-Contra affair,
and the Stock Market Crash.

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*sweet suthern smile*