Wow, just think of it,
in ten years we will be writing 2000
on all our papers!!!
I may be getting older,
but I REFUSE to grow UP!!!
This year of 1990 is very special to me,
I married my High School Sweetheart
- 32 years after we broke up!!!

He got "grounded" for bad grades,
and I wanted to go party!!
Ahhh, young love!!!

I love you, David.
Thank you for coming back into my life!!
Now, my life is complete!!

Does life seem to be racing away from you?
You can slow it down if you will only
take time to smell the roses!!

A piece of advice from a mature lady
(who's very young at heart!):
Enjoy life to the fullest today,
but leave a little for tomorrow!!
You will be calmer and relaxed
if you don't try to cram it
all in one day!!

Now, some highlights from these five years:
1991....The end of the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.),
1992....The Los Angeles Racist Riots,
1993....Whitewater Exposure and Investigation, 1st woman US Attorney General
and The Waco tragedy of the Branch Davidian religious sect,
1994....Los Angeles Earthquake.

Now, you can return to my home page
and continue a memory slide!!!!

*slow suthern smile*