~~ Kajun's ROGUE Gallery ~~

No website would be complete without pictures.
So many folks have asked to see what Kajun looks like,
so here goes!!!

Hope we don't crash your computer!!! *LOL*
Remember YOU asked for it!!! *s*

~~ Kajun Momma ~~


~~ Kajun and her hubby!! ~~
* Kajun and Davo55 *


~~ Kajun's IRL son ~~


~~ Protection Pup Person ~~
* Sassy *

A very special friend of Kajun's
is pictured below.

~~ Wonder1 on the river ~~

We have known each other for over 15 years,
and been thru a lot together.
And she still talks to me now. *LOL*
She is like the younger sister I never had,
and I love her like my own family!!
Her SO (significant other) is a friend from my college days,
together he and I went through being the original Beatniks
in Art School. But I promised him I "wouldn't tell"!!

A very special member of our online
and IRL (in real life) family is this young lady.
She and her Mother have bravely fought her battles
with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia and complications for 19 years.
Her Mother is like a sister to me,
and Heather is therefore my niece!!
They both love country music (EEE-HAW) and
here is a picture of Heather with her FAV singer!!

Tracy Lawrence and Heather, 6/98!!

May God always be with you, Heather!!

To the best of my knowledge, none of these GIFs are copywrited.
If you happen to know one is, please email me and I will remove it.