A Religious Question!!
It has come to Kajun's attention lately,
that there are a lot of biased people online and IRL.
And realizing that my computer reaches to ALL over the world,
she has therefore decided to voice her opinion
on a subject that is usually not discussed in public,
due to fear of rejection or arguments.

Kajun was reared in a Southern city during the "Fab 50's".
Most of her friends were Baptist and Methodist,
with a few Catholics and Jewish folk also.
Her parents raised her in the Methodist Church,
teaching her about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
It was when she reached young adulthood that she realized
there were people who REALLY didn't have a relationship with God!
So, in her own way she attempted to let others know God
by attempting to always show compassionate love to everyone.
At times, she slipped, but then she was only human!!
And, in her heart, she knew that God forgave her,
when she learned to forgive herself and ask forgiveness!!!
She attempted to teach her sons that they may be
the only BIBLE that some folks would ever see!!

Now, in her ancient age of "50+", she has learned that
there are peoples who know of her God, but choose to
worship their own spirits, gods and goddesses of other names.
At first, this was scarey to her inner beliefs......
until she remembered that Jesus was reared of Jewish beliefs,
before He began to spread God's glorious word,
for which He was finally crucified,
to rise from the dead and ascend to His Father's Heaven
to prepare a place for us all to have eternal life.

Now, she knows that there have been untold numbers of practiced religions
for uncountable centuries on this beautiful earth of ours.
Ancient civilizations have worshipped other Supreme Beings,
Buddha, The Great Spirit of the Native Americans,
the Greeks, the Celtics, the ancient countries.
All had and still worship other dieties than her God.
After much research, and deep soul-searching,
Kajun has decided that just because she is Christian,
does NOT mean others HAVE to believe the same.

What is a religion - but a strong belief in a creed,
a way of life, an inner relationship with one's own choice
of God OR Great Spirit OR Mother Earth OR Buddha OR whatever.

Some of the followers of Christ would call these "heathen" or "pagan".
Webster’s dictionary defines Pagan as a "heathen" -
"an unconverted member of a peoples that
does not acknowledge the God of the Bible."
But other religions have their own
version of their Bibles, their creeds, their beliefs.
Therefore, how can I, a practicing Christian, call someone
- who does not believe in my God - a "unbeliever"???

Jesus taught us unconditional, compassionate love.
Did He turn away anyone??? Did He condemn anyone???
NO!!! Then I surely cannot condemn anyone.

Kajun lifts her prayers to Jesus, that ALL will
know her God before the end times come,
so that she can walk with them in eternal life
after Jesus has walked again among humanity.

But for those that chose to believe in their own ways,
she asks Jesus to open their eyes that they may see
that His compassionate love may take many forms and names,
but in the end times we will all know the face of God.

Sweet Jesus, open our eyes to your Loving Grace,
is my prayer for all humanity!! Amen.

My IRL son has a remarkable lady in his life,
and her faith is Wiccan.
I have learned a lot of things from her,
but mostly I have learned how much they love each other.
And I love her for that happiness she has brought him.!!

There are many pages on the 'net
that explain the Wiccan faith and beliefs.
How can someone who does not even believe in Satan
be devil worshipers??
The Wiccan faith is an old faith
derived from the Celtics of old Ireland.
Like the native American Indians,
they worship the earth, sun, moon and
Bright Blessings, Danyeal!!
*huge MOMMA hugs**

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