Homeschooling Works Wonders!!

In this day and times,
those parents who can afford
to home school their children
are really blessed by God!!

In the world we live in,
I feel public educators are having problems
actually teaching their charges,
for the fear of wondering which child
will pull out a gun and start shooting.

We live in southern Arkansas,
and our state just has tried to live through
the horror at the Middle School in Jonesboro, AR.

So, those parents who can chose to homeschool,
we honor you and plant a flower to thank you for taking
the challenge of being with your children "24/7"!!!

We were directed to an awesome website
with some very refreshing ideas on homeschooling.
These parents have approached a challenge
and found the way to give to other parents
who may be in need of help.

Pam, you are truly a Faithful Servant!!

Some good links for Homeschooling!!

Lambslight Christian Homeschooling Site
A beautiful, and delightful site, Bev!!!

A very successful AND IMPORTANT legal site foe homeschoolers!!!

An important site to locate regional organizations
and laws for your areas!!!

HomeSpunkidz Support Group

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