Kritter's Kool Links!!

If you are new to Geocities,
and don't know where to find good websites -
you can use the search at the top of Kajun's main page!!

These are some extra links
that the kritters think are SUPER!!!!
(Parents, they are Kid Friendly!)

An Awesome Listing of Links for ALL animals!!
Takes a LONG time to load, but worth the wait!!

A beautiful page, loaded with lots of graphics

Some beautiful backgrounds for ALL ages!!!

A peaceful Christian page - for all people

Angel's Page (angel stories, GIFs and lots more)

Find some really awesome graphics here!!

Go here to adopt anything cyber, pets, angels, clowns, etc.

Gateway to Scuba and Diving Info (loads of BEAUTIFUL fish and kritter pictures)

KID'S WAGON page!! (true kid friendly)

Alli's Page (loads of teddy bears)

To the best of my knowledge, none of these GIFs are copywrited.
If you happen to know one is, please email me and I will remove it.