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~~ you will spot the rainbows ~~
~~ God's promise that we are NEVER alone ~~

On May 5, 1998, my neighborhood lost a wonderful lady.
Mrs. Frances Parker lived across the street from us.
I have only known her for the 7+ years
that my hubby and I have been married.
She was a REAL neighbor and friend,
and she will be truly missed by all -
family and friends.

~~ water lily from AGAG, Bryan Albers ~~

I will plant a special lily in her memory.
She and I enjoyed God's beautiful flowers,
and shared our joys and worries with each other.
Mrs. Parker, I know that God has a special place
reserved for you in Heaven,
for you were a true Christian Lady.
I will miss your HUGS and the love you have shown me!!!
Until we meet again, remember I love you, my neighbor and friend!!!

I dedicate this page on the WWW in memory of my parents,
Alexander Cleveland Lea and Mary Eugenia Smith Lea,
who passed on to a more glorious life in 1997.

God took Mother home on March 24 at the age of 84.
She lived a full, busy life, raising two children,
working full time and maintaining a home for the family.
Mother could always be called on
to supply a quick casserole for a grieving family,
or make cookies for an upcoming school function.
She somehow also found time to help with Cub Scouting
(first trained Den Mother in Ouachita Valley Council, Louisiana)
or Brownies and Girl Scouting.
She also found time to sew up fabulous dresses for a growing teenage girl!!
She supported Daddy with his love of Scouting
and was a very familiar face at St. Paul's UMC,
of which they both were charter members, helping to form it in 1953.
Thank you, Mother, for teaching me how to be a LADY,
even when I wanted to be a "tomboy".

On September 3, God took Daddy home to Heaven at the age of 90.
My Daddy was a professional Barber for 75 years
beginning at age 13, sweeping up the shop,
and learning how to cut hair on the young boys.
He got his license at age 18,
although he had been cutting hair for 5 years already.!!
After his retirement at the age of 88 years old,
he suffered a major stroke that paralyzed him for over a year.
But he always had his special smile on his face
when he saw me coming to visit with him at the Nursing Home.
I was always Daddy's girl, and I will miss all the neat things that he shared with me.
His life was lived with God always first in his actions.
Until his stroke in 1996, he missed very few Sunday Church
attendance, in his last years, sitting up on the front row
so he could hear the preacher!!!
He taught me to build things with my hands,
to love ALL of God's kritters,
to repair all kinds of things at home.
But the most important thing he shared with me was his love for Scouting.
He volunteered over 47 years as a leader in Cub and Boy Scouting.
When my sons were old enough for scouting,
he proudly supported me in my being a volunteer leader.
He had so much knowledge of how the scouting program was important to all boys.
All his years of experience gave him lots of ideas that he shared with me.
Through his guidance, I have served over 25 years as a volunteer leader.
He was a recipient of the coveted Silver Beaver Award,
the highest award given to volunteer leaders in Boy Scouting.
In 1994, I also was awarded the Silver Beaver,
and I was very proud to have my Daddy there to see me receive this award.
Thank you, Daddy, for showing me the importance of helping the boys
who may otherwise never know of God and Scouting.

Dear God, now there are two more
important people up in Heaven.
I miss them bunches but know they were tired
and they had both lived full lives
always honoring You in their daily actions.

Please let me continue to live my life
as they taught me, always honoring You.
Let me always remember
Daddy's favorite expression,
"God has been good to me!"
and make it a daily prayer
until the day I go home to Heaven.

1997 is a year to go down in history,
as the people of this Earth lost two very important people.
Two ladies who gave unselfishly of their time and love,
to peoples who would have never received even a hug.
These two loving ladies were:

The "People's" Princess, Princess of Wales
and Mother Teresa of India.

These ladies from entirely different walks of life,
gave their whole beings into helping total strangers.
What better way to show Jesus' compassionate love???
They will be always remembered and missed muchly.

The Kritters Salute Beverly Crowley!!

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