~~ Paul Harvey Presents ~~
~~ "A Impatient Letter From God" ~~
~~ Author, Bo Lozoff ~~

Kajun and the Kritters enjoy sitting by the radio
and listening to Paul Harvey News on our local radio station.
Mr. Harvey, who is a fav of millions, always "goes the extra mile"
to make the local, national and worldwide news
very interesting with his dash of humor thrown in!!

On Saturday, May 16, 1998, we heard his reading of some INTERNET news!!
It was so rich in humor and common sense
that Kajun quickly ran to the computer
to search out a copy of this "Letter from God".
Mr. Harvey was quick to state that this is NOT his letter,
but one that he got from the Internet

If you are of a mind to read it in full content,
please do, keeping an open mind and accepting it for what it is.
While you will find a good bit of humor in it,
it also follows closely along with Kajun's ideas on
Freedom of Choice. AND...........
maybe you will enjoy the gaity scattered with
old-fashioned common sense of "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR"
that all religious faiths teach.

I think that Mr. Harvey should be congratulated
for having the courage to read this nationwide.
Thank you, Mr. Paul Harvey, for always bringing
the news to us straight from the shoulder!!

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