Sir Sneezy's Special Room

The Kritters have been busy trying to find
another dragon for Sir Sneezy.
He was getting soooooo lonely for one of his kind!!

But with his allergy probs, he can't talk long enough
to make friends with other dragons.

Then one day one of the kritters
came home soooooo excited!!
They had just found a baby dragon
that needed a NEW home!!

So the kritters got busy helping Sir Sneezy
fill out the papers. And they they waited and prayed!!
Much to their delight, today they received this in the mail:

And here is Miss Misty,
Sir Sneezy's new Godchild!!
See, God takes care of the kritters, too!!

We can hardly hold Sir Sneezy on the ground,
he is so elated to have Miss Misty to care for.
Looks like he will be an overprotective parent,
but he will spoil her with love!!

And now he has another new little dragon to love,
just in time for the 4th of July.
Here is Sammie, the Patriotic Dragon!!

And he has papers too!!!

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