or higher!!!!

The above picture is of Heather and Tracy Lawrence
(an awesome Country singer and personal friend)
during Nashville's FanFair 1998.

Heather Beckett
~~ 1979 - 1999 ~~

For the last two years I have had the priviledge of knowing
a very special young lady.
She showed me how to really have faith in God.
Even though she had been battling a life-threatening disease
(Diamond-Blackfan Anemia), she still had hope for the future.
She made me ashamed some times of thinking
that I was handicapped with my arthritis and other health probs.
She even taught me how to "pop" wheelies with my POV scooter
and we would "race" on the parking lot,
her in the wheelchair, and me on my scooter.

Since February of 1998, she and her Mother have been
temporarily housed at the Children's Hospital
and Ronald McDonald's House close to our home.
Her health probs were slowly getting worse.
My husband and I made many trips to visit with them,
to take them shopping for Disney toys and Ty Beanie Babies.
We spent many a happy hour in their company,
and will miss her presence immensely.
Her mother and I are friends, and I pray that Jesus
will lift up her spirits and comfort her in His loving arms.

Tigger's (her online nickname) body started
shutting down nearly 10 days ago,
and she had to be hospitalized again.
I spoke with her Mother and felt the end was near.
Then this morning I got it from the grapevine
that the end had come to her earthly life.
I know that she is no longer suffering,
and that she is in Heaven looking down
on her Mother (Eeyore, her online nick) and family.

Dear Jesus, please grant Tigger a special place
in Your castle in Heaven.
She has suffered muchly, and had a lot of faith.
Please also, sweet Jesus, wrap Your loving arms
around her Mother and lift her up during her grief.
This is the time she needs You to carry her,
she is really tired from the years of battling
her special child's disease and health problems.

We love you, Tigger, and will keep your memory alive.

And we love you, Eeyore, and are always here
when you need us. *huge MOMMA hugs*

Please take time to visit her website,
lovingly done by her Mother.
And PLEASE don't forget to sign her guestbook.

Tigger, ride the winds with Pooh and his balloon!!